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Annabeth Chase

She thinks she is going to a normal birthday party with her friend Kritanta, but some weird things keep happening. When she is face to face with death, what can she do?

Lots of drama, romance, jealousy, homework. Look Right In Front Of You by NiaChase Will was waiting for the right person to come by and sweep him off his feet while Nico is nearby wondering how did he fell in love with a foolish, lovable idiot. Even as his dreams get cryptic, and he sees a boy who should be dead and a girl hes never met so how does she know him? Percy is done with risking his life and his friends, for Gods who won't protect them. But some fates can't be avoided.

annabeth and apollo lemon

And some people are worth the risk. Because somewhere a dead girl is running out of time. And the gods are there too.

But there's a price to pay for doing this. It's not going to be a fun time but it'll be worth it. Percy escaped, but where will he go? How will he turn out? Percy Jackson may not be who we all imagine when we hear that name without his mother. Pipalia, maybe some Jercy, and hopefully some Reynabeth towards the end.

Jlaurens Percy and Annabeth have been excepted into the prestigious Princeton Academy. On their journey to find themselves, they end up finding a little bit more- each other. How will a series of awkward conversations and adorable coincidences result in their very own happily ever after? The link is on my profile if you are interested. What if Gaia's goal wasn't only her awakening, what if Percy and Annabeth's trip to Tartarus caused more than their fate dictated An ancient evil stirs, fate is out of control, will this spell the end or a new beginning.

OC x eventual harem gore, angst, dark humor. And they're all being sent to a school for troubled kids. Romance is inevitable, Drama is unavoidable, and Transformation is expected.

Rated T because I'm scared, all canon ships, and talk of abuse. Read at your own risk xD. Just a short moment ThaliaZoeIdk their ship name by Kmurthy Thalia is dead, ends up in Elysium, and searches for someone whom she knows is here. At least, that was when she eventually pinpointed the feeling for what it was. He is mortal, he is miserable and everyone wants to kill him. And to top it all off, he gets some new friends- a year old ex-sorceress who wants to punch him and everyone else, a hyperactive walking firebomb that doesn't shut up and the amnesia god-killer who steals his food.

She is a Goddess named Tyrabella. Daughter of Poseidon and Athena.Honestly, I feel Apollo can be paired with anyone, but I chose Percy for this story. Maybe he'll make another appearance but with another companion?

Ho ho. Don't know how far it will go. Cool, refreshing water. Not a thing like it in the world. It rocked and comforted but could be merciless and cruel at the same time, Percy marveled. His hands cut clean into the lake, his legs kicking powerfully. He had started swimming a lot more recently to But of course, he thinks about how he dumped Annabeth and feels terrible but he couldn't string her along anymore because he may not like her kind and she won't even talk to him.

Angling his body, Percy dives farther down into Camp Half-Blood's lake, hoping the pressure will be the only thing he thinks about. Sitting on the dock a few yards away sat a particular god with blond hair who had a particular taste for green-eyed heroes. Unknown to the hero in question, he sat watching the boy's lithe figure move through the water. He peers over his large sunglasses as the younger boy resurfaces and continues on as if he hadn't just spent the past ten minutes underwater.

Apollo whistles loudly and calls Percy's name, getting his attention. He motions for the boy to come closer. Percy glances up sharply, coming out of his little world. Wonder how long Apollo's been there. Moving towards the dock, he begins to regret wearing what he did. If he gets even the slightest bit hard, Apollo will be sure to notice. Which will be difficult, considering the god is one of the reasons Percy began to question his sexuality.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Jason Has A Problem. He doesn't remember anything before waking up on a bus full of kids. Apparently, he has a boyfriend named Leo, who, by the gods, is the most perfect gorgeous person Jason's ever met, and a best friend in Piper. Not only that, but now he has to go on this quest to save a goddess?

Wait, hold up, who the fuck is Percy Jackson? Piper Has A Secret. Her dad has been missing for three days and just as she had worked up the courage to tell Jason about the Dream some monster sent her about her dad, he forgets everything!

Now she has to do this by herself. Leo's Life Is Shit. Yeah, there are some upsides to it! Like Jason- wait no, his boyfriend has no memory of him. Oh well, at least he has a cabin fill with people like him- Er, no, there's a curse and nobody can build anything.

Well at least he's not going crazy! Ah, there goes Tia Callida. Ooooooorrrrr, I take Heroes of Olympus and make that shit gayer. Watch Leo, Jason, and Piper deal with the shitty shit life dealt them together before the world tears itself apart. Summary: After Annabeth tries to kill the savior of Olympus he becomes a god and the ex-girlfriend shunned and with no love to keep him sane at times, Percy has to find love that will last and with another having love problems are the compatible?

Nico AU Everyone ships them after a lock in from crazed fans that turned into a tradition between Nico and Will They hang out while slowly falling in love without realizing at first.

Percy has been on the run for 2 years. When he can no longer run he meets a fading Goddess, will she save him? Or leave him to his fate? Comment Apollon va tout faire pour l'aider.

Percy After finally defeating Kronos, Percy had expected peace, not a flash of molten gold after which she found herself as a twelve year old girl in a village recently reduced to rubble, surrounded by a forest and Ancient Greek.While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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Password Reset. Update Account. Matt Sloan lies and says he's friends with Percy in a chance encounter with Sally Jackson, but finds himself obsessed with getting into Ms.

Annabeth Chase

Jackson's pants First chapter in the first of a series featuring abnormal pairings in the PJO world. Zeus Inside of me! Zeus figured out after the Giant War and realized that he needed more support.

The fates offer him a way to do so, and he decides to take full advantage of this. After all with 3 millennial of experience, what else could a woman ask for? Title does say it all, this story is about Aphrodite, the sultry Olympian Goddess of love, beauty and lust, having sex with multiple partners.

Being the most beautiful and sexiest woman to ever exist, and the very embodiment of lust itself, what else could anyone ask for? For this story to make sense on the way to the red pyramid they all stop at a small town to restock supplies so, Sadie and Khufu are out shopping leaving Bast and Carter alone.

A game of Truth or dare with Percy jackson characters. SMUT rated M. Guys 5 reviews I will update. Hope you guys enjoy what comes. Life changes for the girls of the Greek World when Percy decides being a hero is overrated.

Curious, he follows, and experiences something amazing. It has been several years since the war against the Giants ended. However, during their time there, Annabeth had discovered that she enjoyed a particular fetish that would surprise those who knew her.However, her father asked her mother to take her back to Olympus and raise her there, as he didn't see Annabeth as a gift the way Athena did because he didn't know their relationship would result in a child and wasn't prepared to take care of her.

However, Athena refused and told Frederick that heroes were supposed to be raised by their mortal parents and not their godly ones. In the end, he had no choice but to reluctantly take Annabeth in and care for her as well as he could.

Annabeth took the last name of her father. When she was five, her father got married and had two kids, the twins Matthew and Bobby.

Since she was a demigod, Annabeth was a target for monsterswhich caused a constant fighting between her and her parents, who felt that she was constantly putting everyone in danger. This argument created a rift in the family that caused the separation between Annabeth, Magnus, Randolph, and Natalie for many years. As revealed in The Mark of AthenaAnnabeth was assaulted by a flood of spiders sent by Arachne at night for three days.

Her skin was freckled with bites and cobwebs covered her eyes, mouth, and nose. She would subsequently scream for her father, who was always away for work, so her stepmother would see her. By the time, she got dressed each morning, the marks of the painful bites inflicted on her had already faded, leaving the cobwebs, which didn't make for a convincing proof.

As a result, Annabeth ran away from home at the young age of seven, thinking her family hated her. She then fought monsters under the guidance of her immortal mother for a few months, using only a mortal hammer. A seven-year-old Annabeth was hiding under a sheet of corrugated iron in Richmond Ironworksthe same alley twelve-year-old Thalia Grace and fourteen-year-old Luke Castellan were hiding in once they escaped the house of monsters.

After escaping, Thalia and Luke heard a noise coming from it and investigated the sound. Upon finding that Annabeth was a demigod, Luke and Thalia agreed that she could run away with them and Luke promised that he wouldn't let anything hurt her and they would become a better family than her old family, a promise he would break years later.

Luke gave Annabeth a bronze knifewhich he got from Halcyon Greenso she would be able to protect herself with something better than a hammer for monster slaying. They show Luke wearing ragged makeshift leather armour over his t-shirt, enthusiastically pointing to a dark alley, Luke and Annabeth sitting at a campfire and laughing hysterically, and a photo of them together with Thalia.

After visiting Luke's old house to get medical supplies for Thalia, the group met Hermes for the first time. They got into more skirmishes because of his recklessness, fighting more monsters since Luke wanted to pick a fight with each one he came across.

Eventually, the trio ran into Grover Underwooda satyrwho was in charge of taking them to Camp Half-Blood. Furthermore, Grover took some wrong turns on the way and led them into an abandoned mansion, which was a Cyclops lair. The Cyclopes separated them, using a loved one's voice to lure each person into a trap. Everyone but Annabeth got captured. After wandering around, she found where the Cyclops was keeping Thalia, Luke, and Grover, who were hanging over a pot. The Cyclops tried to lure Annabeth to him by imitating her father's voice, but instead of going to the voice and getting captured as well, she stabbed him hard in the foot and untied Thalia, who then took care of everything else.

Despite their escape, the group was delayed long enough for a pack of Hellhounds and all three Furies to catch up to them. As Thalia was dying surrounded by monsters, Zeus took pity of his daughter and turned her into a pine tree so that she wouldn't die and have to be judged by Hades.

He would occasionally ask her to return home, but she always refused. Her father then sent her his Harvard college ring, in hopes that she would remember him by it and be convinced to come home.

She had constant nightmares about it because Chiron told her that she would have a part to play. Every time a new camper came to Camp Half-Blood, she wondered if they were "the one," even if none of them were children of the Big Three.

annabeth and apollo lemon

Shortly afterwards, Annabeth returned home at her father's request, but promptly called Chiron and returned to Camp Half-Blood before the end of the winter holidays since monsters continued attacking her and nothing had changed in her family.Hey guys, this is me, I thought about making a few smutty one-shot of Piper and anyone except Jason. After her breakup with Jason, Piper McLean wanted to live her life.

Unlike Annabeth's, Jason and Piper's breakup was not messy. All it took was one kiss between Reyna and Jason to show Piper the reality. After Piper noticed the kiss, she shrugged and went to change her status from in a relationship with Jason Grace to single. When Piper didn't get teary eyed, like her siblings expected her to be. Piper realized that being serious in a relationship wasn't herwith Annabeth in tow, who was upset about her own breakup with the savior of Olympus, Percy Jackson, Piper headed for any club she could find on Long had surprised Piper with a A.

Aphrodite had sent a pink note with that dress. If it was possible, Piper looked sexier than any sex goddess. Piper had begged and begged Annabeth to join her, eventually she had agreed, only because she said that it could get Percy jealous, which would help her in getting them back together. Annabeth was wearing a silvery-grey, one strap dress which made her look cute, which was as far as Piper could make her go.

Piper turned around to see a muscular, tall and blue-eyed blonde, Piper knew that he was not Jason as he was way hotter. Annabeth took this as her cue and headed towards the dance floor to grind onto some mortal guy, being as drunk as the daughter of love.

The stranger smiled and said, "I'm not a stranger Piper, remember the island of Delos, I was the one who saved your asses," He paused, Hades, was she hot. He continued,"Speaking of asses I remember you now, lord Apollo, thanks for helping us at that time though,"Apollo smiled and said,"You are welcome, miss McLean.

Now, may I have this dance? He stretched out his right hand, Piper nodded, giggling, she blamed her typical daughter of Aphrodite behavior on the Tequila. As if it was planned, the song changed to Enrique Iglesias' 'Tonight'. On hearing the song, Piper blushed, hoping that Apollo was not able to see it.

The innocent moves turned more intimate as the song progressed.

Annabeth Chase

They acted as if the touching done by their bodies was accidental. Towards the end of the song, Piper saw Annabeth with a guy, the former all over the latter.Thx ily! But all good things must come to an end, this end came in the form of you.

You were a daughter of Apollo. Nobody at camp were surprised when you were claimed, you had a light around you that spread to whomever saw your smile. You spent your life making others happy and protecting those you love. That was your greatest weakness, your compassion. But it was one of the things Percy loved most about you.

The mission was supposed to be simple, all you had to do was to find a demigod and bring them back to camp. Percy, Annabeth and yourself left the camp in the morning and found the son of Aphrodite before nightfall. It was late afternoon when the monster attacked.

annabeth and apollo lemon

The four of you were on your way back to camp in high spirits. You were smiling and telling the other three horrible jokes. Both boys laughed along with you while Annabeth rolled her eyes, concealing the small smile on her face. The attack was sudden, a hell hound, something the three of you had taken on many times. Your first concern was the young demigod. Percy pulled out his sword and you pulled out your bow, yelling at Annabeth to take the boy and run back to camp, only a 10 minute walk away.

You and Percy had fought a few times together and worked together well, battling the hell hound with ease. The hound had been turned to dust and the two of you relaxed. Smiling at each other, you gathered the backpack you had dropped. Percy was kneeling on the ground collecting the items that had fallen out of his bag when you saw it.

Two red eye glowering at him from the darkness. Golden dust rained down on you as you laid on the ground, a hand weakly resting on one of your wounds, but it was no use. Percy kneeled by your side, stripping himself of his jacket and putting pressure on your wounds. There was a scratch running deep across your stomach, another along your chest and a third on your cheek. Tears steamed down his face as he checked your neck for a pulse. His scream could be heard from camp.

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