So this is my first shot at a fan fiction, I plan on writing more but I'm not sure how frequently my chapters will update or new stories will come out. I can tell you now though I will be finishing this one cause I've had it kicking around in my head for a long time.

I'm a very happy person so it will be rare for me to write a sad story like this but once again I wanted to get this out because I thought it was neat little idea.

Debriefing was a normal thing that all Huntsman and Huntresses do after a mission. It helps to give a detailed report on what happened in the field from the perspective of the Hunters and Huntresses, and for a lot of people it destressed them by talking out what happened on the mission. For team JNPR there mission was to clear out a large group of grim along the coast of a village outside of the walls of vale.

The grim count was not supposed to exceed over fifty in number. But something had gone wrong. They had only returned with three members instead of four. The missing party member being Jaune Arc.

One after another they had each team member come in and account from their prospective what happened. He never shrugged me off or told me I was annoying. He would listen to me, discuss games that we both liked, shared in what candy's we liked before Ren would come in and tell us both no.

He also loved video games. We would play all the time, Shooters, RPG's, classics, and party games.

It didn't matter what it was, he would always do well with strategy and thinking games. We would tie constantly whether it was kill counts or high scores… we would play until Pyrrha came over to tell Jaune he needed to work on his assignments or go up to train. He was funny, kind, silly, but above all honest. Everything he said was sincere, even when he lied it was always for a good reason.

When he explained why he was with Cardin and his goon's he told us the blackmail that they had on him. It took us a moment, but we came to accept it and understand.

He looked out for us, he always made sure our equipment and supplies were in full stock. He would check over our weapons and make sure they were full of ammo, and that there was spare ammo in our lockers. During team practice he would come up with team attacks that actually worked pretty well, but none of us could ever remember what they were called…Hahahaahaha…ha… it's funny… talking about him like this makes it feel like he's not even gone.

He is… We lost Jaune… we were on our mission, out in a village by the sea, we were on a cliff face and we got ambushed by a massive pack of grim… Jaune lead us into formation and we held strong.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Heartshot Jaune Arc x May Zedong This knight has conquered the hearts of these fair maidens and these character centered chapters will allude to the results of their romances.

A series of ongoing romance and smut specific character ongoings between Jaune and every female RWBY character. An: Story time! Unlike my other story this fic right here is simply a series of one-shots dedicated to fanservice revolving around everyone's favorite goofball of a knight; Jaune arc being paired with various female characters from the RWBY universe.

Rated M for obvious reasons, but also as to why I'm doing this; why the hell not? Well anyway on to the show!

jaune loses an arm fanfic

He was always in awe of her, the way she moved so gracefully during battle or anywhere really. Not only beautiful, but also extremely capable in combat and magic, as if she were the epitome of elegance underneath her icy exterior.

You can't stand so rigidly up in battle as if it were a casual circumstance. She was dressed in her usual attire of a frosty white battle dress within the empty circular classroom of Miss Goodwitch's class, across from her clumsily stood Jaune Arc re-positioning himself in a more versatile sword stance. It was more how Weiss stood poised during her fights, except it was meant more for her choice of weapon than Jaune's. It was recently that Pyrrha went on a separate mission with team CFVY to serve as a replacement for Yatsuhashi, who had family matters to attend to outside of Vale, which meant her training with Jaune had to be put off for a little awhile.

She supposed it was Jaune's inference that he needed to catch up with the others as soon as possible without delay that led to him asking team RWBY to substitute in for her.

The girls were all too happy to help 'Vomit-boy' further progress as a warrior and agreed to take turns each day until Pyrrha returns from her co-opted mission.

Today was Monday night and the first shift at being substitute instructor belonged to Weiss. She was annoyed at first with being stuck this task then competitively thought that if Jaune became a splendid a fighter it would have been due to her influence. That inflated her ego quite a bit yet it motivated her to eagerly teach the guy.

Just stick to the position you normally use when training with Pyrrha. Getting used to one stance was difficult enough without trying to learn one more suited to Jaune nodded without hesitation and unsheathed his sword holding it with the shield at the ready. Bring it on, Ice queen. On one knee breathing hard Jaune looked exhausted and nearly crumbled onto the floor were it not for his pride. All over the unarmored parts of his body there are various bruises and small shallow cuts that apparently indicated exposed weak points.

Weiss on the other hand stood across from him sporting naught but a scarce few scuffs along her battle dress and knees, whipping her rapier back into its sheath she held a slightly smug look before walking over to Jaune.

His head moved up to see the Schnee heiress hold out her hand pulling him up. You have graceagility, poise, and can accurately hit any part of me that isn't armored.Which at this point wouldn't surprise him. He really meant those words though; the food was bad enough, but this dimly lit hallway wasn't doing much for his nerves. Especially since he could hear the throngs of people directly above him as they all waited for the match to begin.

And if it comes down to it… well, take Nora's advice. Aim it at the enemy! Knowing Nora it could go either way. Nora skipped merrily next to him and they passed outside and onto the arena grounds together. They both turned to see Ruby darting up to them as quickly as her little legs would take her, which was actually quite quick. Pyrrha gave him what felt like some kind of understanding pat and a wink before she started after the others without him.

He had no time to wonder what she meant as Ruby doubled over in front of him, gasping for breath. They had literally just seen each other when both their teams had been eating. Although the two of them hadn't had much chance to chat.

Ruby's cheeks puffed out in a pout at his use of her old nickname, but at the same time she was fumbling with the hem of her combat skirt and silver eyes were darting around in an effort to look anywhere but at him. The odd combination of her pouting face and embarrassed blush was so funny he almost laughed out loud. Instead, he managed to restrain it to a joking smile. This time he did chuckle as he held up his own hands defensively, her tiny fists battering at him, albeit without any real force.

Cringey Fanfic Rewrite (RWBY Edition) - Jaune's Semblance (Pt.1)

Not gonna shoot back with a Vomit Boy? Great, as if he wasn't already nervous enough. Although, this small banter with Ruby was already enough to help somewhat calm his heightened nerves. She always did have that kind of effect on him whenever they talked. Probably yet another reason why they were best friends. Well, that along with the fact they were both horribly awkward fellow leaders.

Ruby finally quit flailing and instead crossed her arms, glaring up at him.

jaune loses an arm fanfic

Jaune rolled his eyes and lightly nudged her shoulder. I'm seriously going to need all the luck I can get. Although my team has probably got the rest covered. Ruby's eyes softened ever so slightly and she gave what he could only describe as a jittery smile.

She wasn't going to try some magic chant from a cartoon or something, was she? He certainly wouldn't doubt it. She nodded so enthusiastically it caused her short hair to bounce.

He was even more suspicious now, anything taught by Yang surely spelled trouble. Still, he had teased Ruby enough so he supposed he could at least go along with it. With some reluctance, he slid his eyelids closed and waited to find out just what this luck boost really was. With his sight cut off, everything around him seemed to be amplified.

He could feel the crowd's excited cheers right down to his bones, their clamouring vibrating the whole coliseum.

The smell of concessions reminded him once more of his impending nausea and he became acutely aware of how clammy his hands were. Would he even be able to wield Crocea Mors like this? He allowed himself to get so caught up in all these things happening around him, he momentarily forgot Ruby was directly in front of him until the softness of her palms gripped the sides of his cheeks. The small warmth was so startling he nearly opened his eyes.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Anonymous commission. Now that Salem has been sealed away, Cinder is working to redeem herself and to heal from her past. However, healing takes time and how can Cinder focus on peace when the past keeps rearing its ugly head?

As an alchemist, Jaune has long searched for a way to help protect his town and keep his best friend, Yang Xiao Long, Captain of the Town Guard, safe from harm.

And now he's found a long-lost formula to create a Myrmidon, a legendary warrior made from an ant, with the strength and unshakeable loyalty of its former formicid life.

Though Yang's skeptical, and more than a little concerned about what sort of magic he might be bringing into their town. Cinder ends up as Jaune's new girlfriend. The how or why is not the important part, the important part is that she realizes that Jaune has already done everything to seduce RWBY but make the final move.

Even if she's not allowed to kill anymore, she isn't above a little conquering. Jaune wanted to be a hunter, that's all he did! He knew that people were in his way but he didn't care! He was going to go to Beacon and prove a male had his worth! He just doesn't know why everyone is so fucking scared of him and who is this monster they keep referring to? Oh well, It's time for Jaune to be the man that would be king! The Arc Clan was once a feared Warrior clan, having United most of the bandit tribes under their rule, they were close to conquering all of Remnant.

But they were stopped by the unified kingdoms and were subsequently defeated after a long war. Their former lands stripped from them, their conquest and prowess faded into legend, but one remembers them well. Salem meets with the current Arc Warlord, negotiating an alliance with them.

Salem will help them regain their old territories and restore them to their former glory, in return Salem would have access to the warriors of the clan, effectively giving her forces powerful soldiers and generals to help in her goals. Salem proposes an arranged marriage between her protege Cinder fall and the next heir to the Arc Clan, Jaune, to solidify the alliance.

Now that Jaune has turned Cinder, Emerald, and Neo, the four spend time together to solidify their relationship. After defeating Salem Jaune left his teams and found a new life in Argus with a certain bookish librarian that is more than a little kinky with glowing amber eyes, dark as pitch hair and a horrible skill with any type of cooking.

Each mother is infatuated with the blonde and they will do whatever it takes to have him. Watch as Kali, Willow, Summer, Raven, and the other mothers of Vale dote on Jaune through the series of one-shots and short chapters to show how much appreciative and loving they are of their Jaune Arc. Jaune x Older! In need of a part time job to help pay his expenses, Jaune discovers an ad that's almost too good to be true. Thrown to the wolves as the latest employee of Gemini Provider Services, will this be the job of his wettest dreams or the stuff of his worst nightmares?

After the Siege of Mistral, Jaune Arc spares his arch-enemy Cinder and, with the aid of Ruby and Cinder's own fearful requests, grants her the chance, however slim, of redemption. However, turning the woman who killed his partner into a "good guy" is not all he needs to worry about.

Salem's Guardians, seven powerful humans, Faunus, and who knows what else, are dispatched to kill the traitorous Cinder, and all those who aid her. Now, Jaune, Ruby, and Cinder, along with their friends and allies, must band together to stop these Guardians.Something up for adoption a challenge so to speak if you want to consider it that, its basically a bunch of different versions of Jaune arc reimagined in new ways.

Would who ever decided to do it please message me and tell me the title of their story so i can check it out myself. Ruby looked at him confused. Pyrrha looked away guiltily as Yang slammed her hands on the table drawing attention to it.

Yang flinched being discovered so easily. Scars, horrid ones littered his well muscled chest. The biggest being a half circle on the left side of waist that obviously went further down only hidden by his pants that went all the way around.

Jaune reached for the knot on his bicep before pulling it loose and letting the bandages go limp. Bad enough Glynda can't look you in the eye over it but now they can't either. Goodwitch was there to try and stop them, back then both of them were still green so to speak.

Long story short shots were fired an on of her dust spells blasted the craft. Next thing i know dads dead the craft's upside and on fire and crushing me. My uncle was a skilled doctor and scientist so when they couldn't save me he put me back together. That was the worst day of my life i lost my an arm a leg two different organs and worst of all i lost my father.

Goodwitch took care of all the expenses and resources and even pays for the tune ups i need every few months. In fact i think thats why she accepted the job here the pays really good. Its not perfect, my uncle checks and upgrades me constantly but there are still a few bugs.

Yang sighed letting her semblance work it off. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A story challenge i want to post because I'm busy with other projects and want to see these idea's come to life. Some guidelines for those who might decide to turn this into a story -Jaune's cyborg parts are his eye left arm right leg and his stomach. Full Metal Knight 1 2. Full metal knight 2 3. Full Metal Knight 3 4. The Arc Piece 1 5. Arc conduit 1 6. Arc Conduit 2 7. Arc Conduit 3 8.

Arc Conduit 4 9. Crossover 1 The Arc Piece 2 Arc conduit 5 Arc conduit 6 Full Metal Knight 4 The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Joan Arc thought she finally had won her freedom!

Sent to visit her favorite aunts and finally far away from the grips of her prevented mother! Joan just knew she was going to be free with them in Menagerie! But the girl was soon to know that instead of being free she was simply put under new management A new commission for someone that would rather be left unsaid! He's destroyed entire armies of some of the most dangerous creatures of Hell singlehandedly.

He's both feared and respected by demon and human alike, no one can match his immense strength and skill. His work has been effective against the demon invasion on Earth went well, but it was decided he will be in stasis until he is needed again. He would not have thought that he'd meet a group of teenagers with large weapons fighting off bootleg versions of the weakest demons he faced. Anonymous commission. What would one do for one love that feels like it is slipping away? Sienna Khan most certainly is not going to let someone interfere in her love life, so there will have to be some adjustments made.

Jaune Arc will have to beware, for there will be one wearing a green hat in the tiger's den A woman put on a pedestal, brought to heel by a savage woman and the man she loves.

jaune loses an arm fanfic

Each mother is infatuated with the blonde and they will do whatever it takes to have him. Watch as Kali, Willow, Summer, Raven, and the other mothers of Vale dote on Jaune through the series of one-shots and short chapters to show how much appreciative and loving they are of their Jaune Arc.

Jaune x Older! Watch as Jaune is a participant of depraved, lecherous acts against his choosing.That Jaune fellow is not ready for this level of combat.

The words had merely been little more than an echo at the time, the wizened Headmaster keeping his eye instead on the screen of his own device.

Who needed to worry about a highly decorated applicant at the moment? Beacon had such individuals of potential talent in spades, and the initiation was in place for the express reason to separate the Hunters of the future from the mild-mannered citizens of the future. Of course, such determination was always appreciated in the field of Hunters, and those who'd fail initiation could certainly find other pursuits in which to dedicate their aspirations: Law, Expansion Efforts, Medicine The young woman on screen, however, not to mention the silver eyes which currently held as much promise as her budding talent against the forces of darkness that encompassed more than initiation-level difficulty of Grimm The Headmaster glanced up, only to see his trusted colleague glaring at her own screen with a similar air of contemplation.

I hardly expect any compromise of its structural integrity to occur from a few dust grenades Barely managing to refrain from rolling her eyes at the man who likely had something to do with the literal construction of said ruins themselves, the professor still felt to add, "I understand The Headmaster of Beacon simply turned to the area of the cliff beside them to see Ruby reach the top of the cliff, circle up, and fire one last shot from Crescent Rose to rend the Nevermore's head from its shoulders in a shower of petals while the man simply took another sip of coffee from a mug that Glynda was no longer exactly sure she knew where it came from.

jaune loses an arm fanfic

Yes, Beacon had individuals of potential talent and latent abilities in spades Despite the accusations of inattentiveness, he knew very well what to look for in a human's potential. Physical prowess aside, Ozpin had also noticed the young man's fine conduct in how he handled himself and his peers in the face of potentially mortal danger for a youth in his place, whether the boy realized it or not. It was a heavy gambit on the boy's behalf, without a doubt, but for a man who'd lived on the order of millennia, Ozpin wasn't one to forget what it was like to have nothing, to feel weak, to be fully dependent on the support of others stronger than he.

Of course, there was another lesson he'd learned after enough permutations of lives lived and lost in his nigh-eternal fight against his dark nemesis: hope was a finite resource - while an invaluable weapon in and of itself, it was best left to allocate where allocation was due. While this While this, Jaune Arcwas willing to risk his life and come out the victor with the aid of his instincts and new comrades, then the aged Headmaster was even willing to elevate the young man to a leadership position to prove his worth The rest would sort itself out in time.

It was how things were supposed to be, should humanity have any hope against Salem and her gathering presence. Ozpin watched Ruby and beside the severed head as the body of the giant Nevermore fell lifeless to the ruins and crevice below.

Even the previously exuberant bubbly girl, Nora, couldn't help a brief moment of speechlessness at the feat. Such was the certainty with which the words were said that even Pyrrha couldn't help turning a slightly slack-jawed expression towards the currently exhausted young man whose very nods in abject denial of the claims were dulled by fatigue. Jaune, however, was temporarily distracted by the trio still atop the ruins and they began to make their way back to the forest side.

The princess in white, whose appearance truly deserved the description of Snow Angel. Jaune's breath hitched as he watched her control over those funny little signs he didn't really understand and create a series of rotating platforms with her shining Every movement, so graceful, so controlled The blonde brawler, her confident smirk well-earned by her immense strength and killer figure to boot.

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