Commonly issued to Allied troops it uses a medium caliber bullet. Retired from combat service long-ago in favor of lighter weight, smaller caliber rifles, the M14 design is now popular with hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts. The majority of this rifle is almost boring in functionality. It uses the same cartridge and is similar in firing speed to something like a Browning BLR.

m14 accuracy

Borque could have used that BLR, a Winchesteror any one of many other common hunting rifles and had the same results. Due to an import ban against Chinese firearms in the US, Canadians have enjoyed inexpensive firearms without having to compete against American buying power that frequently results in supply and price issues north of the border.

The American made Springfield M1A is pretty comparable to the Norinco M14S in initial accuracy, and both require the same further work in order to reach their top accuracy potential. Check out the Norinco M14 Shorty Review. The forged receiver, for example, is a better quality part than the typical cast Springfield. Dimensionally, the Norinco receivers are pretty accurate. The sight adjustments on the Norinco are somewhat dodgy and the flash hider is just downright ugly.

The plastic stock that came with mine also had sharp edged corners. These issues are mostly cosmetic. For real issues with the Norinco M14S:. There are other accuracy tweaks that are popular, such as replacing the recoil spring guide or unitizing the gas system, but they may not be strictly necessary in your rifle.

The dimensional requirements to attach the scope mounts, as well as the punishing M14 reload cycle add up to challenging design problems. Here in Canada, it can be difficult at times to import certain mounts. Click here for more info on availability of scope mounts in Canada.

An important thing to remember is that this is not a modern bolt action rifle. The safety on this rifle sucks. Pretty much any tang or crossbolt safety is better. When punching paper, the M14S is a lot of fun to shoot. The gas system and weight tame the recoil and the semi automatic operation makes it easy to just focus on the target and ignore the rifle while you fire off round after round.

The bolt holds open after the last round is fire so all you have to do is pop in a new mag and tug the bolt back just a bit to release it. The Norinco M14S is in a class of its own here in Canada. Then there are the newer semi auto. M14smNorincotopheader. By Adriel on July 9, in Rifle Reviews. Rating: 4. Please think of the environment before printing this website.It became the standard-issue rifle for the U.

Army by and the U. Marine Corps by until being replaced by the M16 rifle beginning in The M14 was used by U. The M14 was the last American battle rifle issued in quantity to U.

It was replaced by the M16 assault riflea lighter weapon using a smaller caliber intermediate cartridge. The M14 rifle remains in limited service in all branches of the U. Civilian semi-automatic models are used for hunting, plinking, target shooting, and shooting competitions. The M14 was developed from a long line of experimental weapons based upon the M1 Garand rifle. Although the M1 was among the most advanced infantry rifles of the late s, it was not an ideal weapon.

Modifications were already beginning to be made to the basic M1 rifle's design during the last months of World War II.

Changes included adding fully automatic firing capability and replacing the eight-round en bloc clips with a detachable box magazine holding 20 rounds. Garand's design, the T20was the most popular, and T20 prototypes served as the basis for a number of Springfield test rifles from through the early s.

Rene Studler, then serving in the Pentagon. The T44 prototype service rifle was not principally designed by any single engineer at Springfield Armory, but was a conventional design developed on a shoestring budget as an alternative to the T Army facilities in the Arctic.

m14 accuracy

In Junefunding became available to manufacture newly fabricated T44 receivers specially designed for the shorter T65 cartridge. TRW would later be awarded a production contract for the rifle as well. Springfield Armory later upgraded 2, M14 rifles in and 2, M14 rifles in to National Match specifications, while 2, M14 rifles were rebuilt to National Match standards in at the Rock Island Arsenal.

Production M14 rifles made by Springfield Armory and Winchester used forged receivers and bolts milled from AISI steel, a low-carbon molybdenum-chromium steel. After the M14's adoption, Springfield Armory began tooling a new production line indelivering the first service rifles to the U. Army in July However, long production delays resulted in the st Airborne Division being the only unit in the army fully equipped with the M14 by the end of Springfield Armory records reflect that M14 manufacture ended as TRW, fulfilling its second contract, delivered its final production increment in fiscal year 1 July — 30 June The Springfield archive also indicates the 1.

The rifle served adequately during its brief tour of duty in Vietnam. However, there were several drawbacks to the M The traditional wood stock of the rifle had a tendency to swell and expand in the heavy moisture of the jungle, adversely affecting accuracy.How accurate, like a laser, tough as tool steel with no need to baby it or clean it.

Maybe it is a triumph of nostalgia over common sense and reality. One truth is, it was never really liked as much as people think they remember. The study indicates that the AR15 is decidedly superior in many of the factors considered.

In none of them is the M14 superior. The report, therefore, concludes that in combat the AR15 is the superior weapon. Furthermore, the available cost data indicate that is also a cheaper weapon. Although analyzed less thoroughly, the M14 also appears somewhat inferior to the M1 rifle of WW2 and decidedly inferior to the Soviet combat rifle. Examination and testing of the 21 rifles uncovered the following:. One rifle had a misassembled flash suppressor, which was actually contacting bullets during live fire tests.

A barrel from each manufacturer was sectioned for examination of the bore and chrome lining. The chrome lining was out of tolerance uneven and on average too thin in all three barrels. During accuracy testing, the M14 rifles produced greater group dispersion and variation in the center of impact than the control rifles two T35 and two AR This also reduced the variation in the center of impact. The design of the flash suppressor was singled out as a cause of inaccuracy.

Does not sound much like a hard use fighting gun…. Full PDF of the honest technical Report that does not paint the M14 in a rose colored light, can be found here.

Production of the M14 was long and troubled. The cost of the weapon rose beyond claims of being able to produce it cheaper and with the same machinery used to make the M1. The story of the long tax money gobbling nightmare of the M14 is known to those who study the deep history of military weapons, and I encourage anyone interested to look into themselves but I am not going to go into that this time.

For this post, I will be talking about the current niche the M14 is still hanging on to. This is where the rifle begins to show. Indeed the AMU knew that the Army would need a sniping weapon even before the officers in charge did.Want to start a good argument? Debates the merits of the M16 vs M The M14 shoots 7. The M14 delivers more punch and, according to its many fans, is better suited for urban fighting environments where obstacles such as steel doors, vehicles and sand bags are a serious concern.

On the other hand, the M16 and it's civilian version AR15 is more easily toted for long distances and, according to its many fans, is far more accurate at long range. It's available in many configurations, is more readily available on the consumer market and accessories are abundant and useful.

The M16 has been America's service rifle for more than 50 years, and that history is certainly hard to ignore in this debate. That said, the M14 has also stood the test of time and remains a go-to weapon of choice in some circles. So which one wins? Well, check out the video and see if you can determine the winner in this spirited debate. A group of competitive shooters talk about new products from Aguilathe Aguila Cup, and everyone's favorite new guns launched at the SHOT show.

The 92X Performance model from Beretta was created to satisfy two requirements: Speed and accuracy. Beretta's new competition pistol is uncompromising and aims for top performance. Match bullet.

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Total Awards : 3 Total Points : I have found that using a bipod with an M14 has a point of diminishing returns. While it makes the shooter more accurate, it can make the rifle less accurate. All of my 10 dot entries have been shot prone with a bipod and monopod. Total Awards : 1 Total Points : When the bipod is NOT being used for support, it is just another potential problem.

Moving parts vibrating, weight imbalance because of shot to shot position differences, etc. Even if it's a 'solid dead weight', it's still attached well off the barrel axis, and can add a torque force to the rifle.

Bipods often do not like hard surfaces, depending on the feet. When firing off a bench, I get less vibration or "bounce" if I put a towel or piece of carpet under the feet. Bipod use for precision shooting with an M14 requires a bit of voodoo, depending on the surfaces.

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 Accuracy Test. Caldwell Lead Sled at 100 Yards!

While reviewing bipod review videos I came across many that taught proper bipod use. You'd think you can just plop the rifle down and shoot for accuracy; not so.

You have to load the bipod, putting forward tension on it to the point where without holding the rifle it will stay on your shoulder. And then there's the matter of having the recoil push the rifle exactly straight back into your shoulder, and the shooter's body should be as much in line with the rifle as possible.

Now, M specific, and therefor not mentioned in the videos, if you're using a wood stock, unless it a F-class stock or maybe a heavy match, your chances of torqueing the stock because of loading the bipod are increased over simply using a sling.

This would give the same poor results as a standard GI bipod affixed to the gas assembly. A sturdy chassis type stock wouldn't have this problem.

Analyzing Accuracy: M1A – Informational Guide

And another point to note- You want the bipod mounted as far forward as possible for accuracy. This provides a pivot point where shooter's movement translates into less muzzle movement. Having the bipod closer to the shooter increases the muzzle movement and therefor provides less accuracy. This may be a good position for some tactical or hunting applications but is absolutely not the best position for precision shooting. PS- when shooting off a bench clamp a board to the bench to allow you to load the bipod against it.

The M14, Not Much For Fighting ( A Case Against The M14 Legend )

Originally Posted by KurtC. Many years ago we had a bench at the club, back when i was to young to even buy guns! Never knew what they where for until a old timer wedge his bipod legs in there and gave the rifle a nice firm push forward.

To old to go prone he said. He would put that rifle into his shoulder much like service sling shooters do. With tension. If you use the sling properly then you know the rifle bounces - but it comes back to the same spot on the target. Not so with the bipod. The bipod may support the rifle, but it doesn't "lock it in.

Originally Posted by macM Some advice specifically regarding the Blackfeather Chassis systemwhich comes with a built in attachment point for a sling swivel near the front of the forend. This location can be used to attach a Harries type bipod to a sling swivel.

Also, the built in picatinny rail under the forend can also be used to attach a picatinny connect bipod at any of the incremented slots.Military small arms development had seen unparalleled growth throughout World War II and this growth continued into the Cold War.

Though this makes perfect sense in retrospect. Photo: US Army. Hundreds of soldiers reported the smaller M1 Carbine and its light. Interestingly, post-war investigations suggested the M1 Carbine's light weight and high cyclic rate of fire were more responsible for this lack of stopping power than the cartridge itself — meaning, most soldiers simply missed their targets because of the gun's recoil.

The one thing the M14 has going for it, is its method of operation. Like the AK, the M14's action can tolerate debris and fouling better than the direct-impingement M While the rifle's hard-hitting 7.

On a side note, carrying a combat load of 7. But that's not what makes the M14 so awful. It's the design itself — especially for the role it has been shoehorned into: the Designated Marskman Rifle. Infantrymen from every branch fielding a DMR in combat have nothing but praise for the guns' performance in the vast expanses of Iraq and Afghanistan.

m14 accuracy

So, if soldiers love the gun, it must be pretty decent, right? Sure, so long as the rifle is clamped into a very heavy, expensive chassis and the soldier carrying it never drops it, or touches the handguards. Therein lies the biggest problem with the M accurizing the rifle and holding on to that accuracy.

Accuracy is a measure of consistency when it comes to rifles. Yet, according to military standards, acceptable accuracy from the M14 is 5. While the M14's 7. Camp Perry shooters have long since abandoned the M14 because of the difficulty in accurizing the rifle compared to the M16 — and they aren't alone. The Army noticed the problems and prohibitive costs associated with maintaining M14s in country, which lead to the solicitation of a replacement rifle to meet new specifications for the Semi-Automatic Sniper System program.

Funny thing, the Army decided the M16 was more accurate, and more easily tuned into a sniper rifle — except for the caliber. Scott P. Photo: US Marine Corps. In all fairness, the Global War on Terror presented a combat theater the U. Plus, the M14 wasn't meant to be a sniper or DMR platform when it was developed in the s. Even still, Armalite had been producing civilian and military AR rifles since the late s, and could have just as easily been pressed into service.

Better yet, since the AR shares it's method of operation with the M16, advancements on one could likely be applied to the other. And, the guns shares the same manual of arms, so no additional training is required for soldiers transitioning from one to the other. Follow Us.

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