Switch-case statements are a powerful tool for control in programming. In this article, Sreeram Sceenivasan goes over you can use a switch-case statement in Python. Switch-case statement is a powerful programming feature that allows you control the flow of your program based on the value of a variable or an expression. You can use it to execute different blocks of code, depending on the variable value during runtime.

How to implement a switch-case statement in Python

In the above example, depending on the value of variable montha different message will be displayed in the standard output. Due to the simple syntax and sophisticated syntactic phrases, the language has become the standard for various scientific applications such as machine learning. As such, you may be tempted to use a series of if-else-if blocks, using an if condition for each case of your switch statement.

However, because of the jump table, a switch statement is much faster than an if-else-if ladder. The Pythonic way to implement switch statement is to use the powerful dictionary mappings, also known as associative arrays, that provide simple one-to-one key-value mappings. In the following example, we create a dictionary named switcher to store all the switch-like cases.

The values of a Python dictionary can be of any data type. For example, you can also implement the above switch statement by creating a dictionary of function names as values. In this case, switcher is a dictionary of function names, and not strings.

Although the above functions are quite simple and only return strings, you can use this approach to execute elaborate blocks of code within each function. Based on the passed argument, the in-built getattr function will retrieve object methods with the particular name. Since you can alter Python dictionaries during runtime add, remove or update key-value pairsyou can easily change your very switch statement on the fly.

Switch case is a very useful programming construct that not only provides better performance than an if-else statement but also leaves you with a more manageable code. Sreeram Sceenivasan. This article gives much more insight into this language than just switch cases.

Thank you for showing how easy it is to tap into the power of python so concisely. This demonstrates yet another reason why python is actually a poor language. People who continue to admire it even after reading this convoluted way to get around the lack of a case statement are simply members of a cult.

Sad but true my friend. Python has always made me wonder why Visual Basic is not the king instead. Who knows. I can write this in three lines. The only advantage a traditional case has over the first alternative, the simple dictionary mapping, is fallthrough, which is more of a bug-prone side effect than a feature.

Every language can implement it.

python case study examples

Yes but switch case statements are a quicker more efficient way of doing it…well maybe not in python. We can build switchers in any language, and sometimes that is exactly the right thing to do. I work in Python every day, and every day I scratch my head about some little thing that mitigates clarity. Thanks, help me a lot. This is a suggestion to fix the first code part in your article with the python switch statements:.Sidharth Macherla has over 12 years of experience in data science and his current area of focus is Natural Language Processing.

Let's Get Connected: LinkedIn. Hi sir, I keep on follow this site. I am a post graduate in statistics. Now I am working as MIS executive. I willing to learn machine learning languages of any these SASR or Python Can u plz advise me that will add my career. In this article, we will walk you through an application of topic modelling and sentiment analysis to solve a real world business problem.

This approach has a onetime effort of building a robust taxonomy and allows it to be regularly updated as new topics emerge. This approach is widely used in topic mapping tools.

Please note that this is not a replacement of the topic modelling methodologies such as Latent Dirichlet allocation LDA and it is beyond them. Data Structure.

The customer review data consists of a serial number, an arbitrary identifier to identify each review uniquely and a text field that has the customer review. Example : Sentiment Analysis. Steps to topic mapping and sentiment analysis 1. Identify Topics and Sub Topics 2.

Build Taxonomy 3. Map customer reviews to topics 4. Map customer reviews to sentiment Step 1 : Identifying Topics. The first step is to identify the different topics in the reviews. You can use simple approaches such as Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency or more popular methodologies such as LDA to identify the topics in the reviews. In addition, it is a good practice to consult a subject matter expert in that domain to identify the common topics. Step 2 : Build Taxonomy I.

Build Topic Hierarchy. Based on the topics from Step 1, Build a Taxonomy. A Taxonomy can be considered as a network of topics, sub topics and key words. Snapshot of sample taxonomy:. Sample Taxonomy. If you need to add a phrase or any keyword with a special character in it, you can wrap it in quotes. For novel keywords that are similar to the topics but may come up in the future are not identified.Neuroimaging : Statistical machine learning methods are increasingly used for neuroimaging data analysis.

Their main virtue is their ability to model high-dimensional datasets, e. Supervised learning is typically used in decoding or encoding settings to relate brain images to behavioral or clinical observations, while unsupervised learning can uncover hidden structures in sets of images e. By considering different functional neuroimaging applications, the paper illustrates how scikit-learn can be used to perform some key analysis steps. The emphasis is on the basics and understanding the resulting decision tree including: Importing a csv file using pandas, Using pandas to prep the data for the scikit-learn decision tree code, Drawing the tree, and Producing pseudocode that represents the tree.

Decomposing the Random Forest model : The author exposes tree paths of predictions of Random Forests. The implementation for sklearn required a hacky patch for exposing the paths.

Fortunately, since 0. Combining these, it is possible to extract the prediction paths for each individual prediction and decompose the predictions via inspecting the paths. The pipeline module of scikit-learn allows you to chain transformers and estimators together in such a way that you can use them as a single unit.

This comes in very handy when you need to jump through a few hoops of data extraction, transformation, normalization, and finally train your model or use it to generate predictions. Majority Rule Ensemble Classifier in Scikit-learn : A simple and conservative approach of implementing a weighted majority rule ensemble classifier in scikit-learn that yielded remarkably good results when Sebastian Raschka tried it in a kaggle competition.The questions are of 3 levels of difficulties with L1 being the easiest to L3 being the hardest.

You might also like to practice the NumPy exercisesthey are often used together. Convert the series ser into a dataframe with its index as another column on the dataframe. Extract the valid emails from the series emails. The regex pattern for valid emails is provided as reference. Compute the euclidean distance between series points p and q, without using a packaged formula. Get the positions of peaks values surrounded by smaller values on both sides in ser.

python case study examples

Make all missing dates appear and fill up with value from previous date. Compute autocorrelations for the first 10 lags of ser. Find out which lag has the largest correlation. Import every 50th row of BostonHousing dataset as a dataframe. Get the number of rows, columns, datatype and summary statistics of each column of the Cars93 dataset.

Also get the numpy array and list equivalent of the dataframe. Which manufacturer, model and type has the highest Price? What is the row and column number of the cell with the highest Price value? Count the number of missing values in each column of df. Which column has the maximum number of missing values? Replace missing values in Min. Price and Max. Price columns with their respective mean.

In dfuse apply method to replace the missing values in Min. Use Hint from StackOverflow. Get the first column a in df as a dataframe rather than as a Series.

Sort the columns in reverse alphabetical order, that is colume 'e' first through column 'a' last. Change the pamdas display settings on printing the dataframe df it shows a maximum of 10 rows and 10 columns. From dffilter the 'Manufacturer''Model' and 'Type' for every 20th row starting from 1st row 0. Reshape df to the largest possible square with negative values removed.

Drop the smallest values if need be. The order of the positive numbers in the result should remain the same as the original. Get one-hot encodings for column 'a' in the dataframe df and append it as columns.

python case study examples

Create a new column such that, each row contains the row number of nearest row-record by euclidean distance. Compute maximum possible absolute correlation value of each column against other columns in df.

Create a new column 'penultimate' which has the second largest value of each row of df. This is a question related to understanding of grouped dataframe.Keeping you updated with latest technology trends, Join DataFlair on Telegram. Python does not have a simple switch case construct. But Python does not have this. We can also specify what to do when none is met. You can refer to the following link to find out what happened:.

One way out would be to implement an if-elif-else ladder. Rather, we can use a dictionary to map cases to their functionality. Here, we define a function week to tell us which day a certain day of the week is. A switcher is a dictionary that performs this mapping. This is because we tell it to do so using the get method of a dictionary.

We can also use functions and lambdas in the dictionary. Using this concept with classes lets us choose a method at runtime. Hence, we conclude that Python does not have an in-built switch-case construct, we can use a dictionary instead. We Respect Your Opinion! The two ways we choose are 1. Python Functions 2. Python classes.

2 Simple Ways to Implement Python Switch Case Statement

You do not need to import any module for this. This is not very useful to me! To understand how to implement a switch case we look at an easy explanation. You are right this would be more helpful when one wants to perform multiple set of operations.

So by understanding this one can easily use switch case as per their requirements.Baylor Cherry September 17, Case Studies 17 min read. Building an effective content marketing strategy that can take your prospects through every stage of the buyer's journey means creating a variety of content. From relevant, informative blog content to engaging webpages, landing pages, whitepapers, and emails, a comprehensive content marketing strategy should run deep.

A Data Science Case Study with Python: Mercari Price Prediction

One powerful, but often underused, piece of content is the case study. Case studies are narratives that feature real world situations or uses of products or services to demonstrate their value.

A well written case study will follow a customer as they define a problem, determine a solution, implement it, and reap the benefits. Case studies offer readers the ability to see a situation from the customer's perspective from beginning to end. A marketing case study is one of the most compelling content items in your sales funnel. Because of this, case studies are uniquely useful as bottom of the funnel content. By the time prospects are ready to read case studies, they have a nuanced grasp of the problem in front of them.

They also have a good selection of potential solutions and vendors to choose from. In fact, there usually is. The challenge is figuring out which one. The more similar the prospect is to the customer in the case study, the more striking it will be.

For that reason, you might want to have a case study for every buyer persona you serve. And naturally, case studies pertain to specific products or services, not your whole brand. Great case studies should pack a lot of meaning into a small space.

In the best examples, your reader can grasp the single main idea of each page in a short paragraph or two. Note: Some businesses will have a brief case study in PDF form to use as sales collateral then a longer form, more in-depth version of the same case study on their website. In this case, it can be normal to write a lengthier case study.

Ideally, you should upload case studies somewhere on your website so new leads coming to your site have the opportunity to see just how kickass your business is at driving revenue and results for your current customers.

Predicting Stock Prices - Learn Python for Data Science #4

Whether it's an online case study or a PDF version, making your successes available to the public can prove just how valuable your efforts are. Plus, make sure every member of your sales team has access to your case studies so they can use them as sales collateral to send to prospects and opportunities! A quick PDF attachment to a sales email can be very convincing. It also makes your content easier to read.You learned Data Science. Have you ever wondered why it is used in all the industries and how it all started?

I have the answer.

python case study examples

Today, I came up with the 4 most popular Data Science case studies to explain how data science is being utilized.

So, your work is to read each case study and then you will automatically grab the concept behind using Data Science. Data Science has a wide variety of applications. It is used in several fields ranging from health, education to transportation and manufacturing. Various industries are using Data Science to boost their production, make smarter decisions and develop innovative products that are tailored for customer needs.

Before moving on I recommend to must read the purpose of Data Science. Keeping you updated with latest technology trends, Join DataFlair on Telegram. Also, the importance of data science in several industries. With the enhancement in data analytics and cloud-driven technologies, it is now easier to analyze vast datasets of patient information.

With new pharmaceutical products emerging every day, it is difficult for the physicians to keep themselves updated on the treatment products. Moreover, more generic diagnostic treatment options find it difficult to tap into a complex competitive market. However, with the advancements in analytics and through the processing of parallel pipelined statistical models, it is now easier for pharmaceutical industries to have a competitive edge over the market.

With various statistical models like Markov Chains, it is now possible to predict the likelihood of doctors prescribing medicines based on their interaction with the brand.


Similarly, reinforcement learning is starting to establish itself in the realm of digital marketing. It is used to recognize the patterns of digital engagement of physicians and their prescriptions. The main motive of this data science case study is to share the issues faced and how data science provides solutions for that. Crude oil and gas industries face a major problem of equipment failures which usually occurs due to the inefficiency of oil wells and their performance at a subpar level.

With the adoption of a successful strategy that advocates for predictive maintenance, the well operators can be alerted of crucial stages for shutdown as well as can be notified of maintenance periods.

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