The judicial and administrative bodies of the province, plus several government departments, are located in the city. Dammam is a major administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. Together with the nearby cities of Dhahran and Al KhobarDammam and its suburbs form the center of the Dammam metropolitan areaalso known as Greater Dammam, which has an estimated population of 4, as of and is closely linked to the city through social, economic, and cultural ties.

Souq al Jubail, Sharjah: Address, Souq al Jubail Reviews: 4.5/5

The origins of the name "Dammam" are disputed. Some say that it is onomatopoeic and was given to the area because of a drum positioned in a nearby keep, which was sounded in a pattern called "damdamah" to alert the residents of returning fishermen's ships. Others say that the name comes from the Arabic word "dawwama" whirlpoolwhich indicated a nearby sea site that dhows usually had to avoid.

However this tiny episode gave a population to Khobar boost as well as close ties with the bigger city of Dammam. When the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded inthe area was the site of several hamlets that depended on fishing and pearls for their survival. Over a span of a little more than half a century, the area has developed into a thriving hub of industry, commerce and science, and home to more than a million people. The area's transformation was launched with the discovery of oil in commercial quantities.

The Eastern Province sits atop one of the largest oil fields in the world, and it was here in Dhahran in that Aramco, the predecessor of the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, dug the famous Dammam No.

Souk Dammam Market

The discovery of new oil fields to the south, west and north of Dammam in the s and s, which now account for a quarter of the world's proven oil reserves, triggered a building boom. The Albinali Family, led by Sheikh Muhammad Nasir Albinali and Brothers played a crucial role in the development of the city of Dammam and the Eastern province in various fields.

This company was the first Saudi construction company to develop Aramco, the roads from connecting the new industry's roads necessary for the economical development of the country.

To name a few are: Dammam to the pertrolum wells to the north, Dammam to Riyadh, Dammam Port Expansion so tankers can load up multiple expansionsthe first covered shopping center in in the city of Dammam known as Ayal-Nasir Sons of Nasir. This in turn led to expatriates and technicians from throughout the kingdom and the world gathering to help search for new oil fields and bring them on-stream.

New pipelines had to be installed, storage facilities built and jetties constructed to handle tankers. The growing number of experts working in Dhahran required the building of housing, hospitals, schools for their children and other amenities.

Before long, Dhahran, the corporate headquarters of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, was spilling out into the desert in all directions.

The growth of the oil industry in the region had a similar impact on the small fishing village of Dammam and the hamlet of Al-Khobar. Within two decades of the discovery of oil, the mudbrick huts of the fisherman that crowded the shore and which constituted the only permanent dwellings in the area had given way to concrete buildings, modern housing, highways and landscaped streets.

Located to the east of Dhahran on the Persian Gulf coast, Al-Khobar briefly became the shipping point for Saudi Arabian crude oil to the refinery in Bahrain. In the years leading up to World War II, Saudi Arabian oil production was very limited, and since the company had no refinery of its own, most of the oil was sent by small tankers to Bahrain.

As a result, Al-Khobar gradually found a new role as the commercial center for the entire region. In the early s Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Region, was a separate city but so close to Al Khobar and Dhahran that the traveler could pass from one to the other in a few minutes. The discovery of oil in Dhahran and nearby fields and the growing importance of the entire region affected Dammam more than any other city in Saudi Arabia.

Within three decades, the sleepy little fishing village had become the capital of the Eastern Province. The simultaneous growth of Dammam, Dhahran and Al-Khobar brought the three jurisdictions into physical contact, the three towns inevitably merged into one, creating a single municipality known as the Dammam metropolitan area, referred to simply as the Dammam Area.

Each of the three towns which compose the Dammam Area retain their own character and some local administrative functions but, in terms of its place in the Kingdom, the Dammam Area forms a single administrative entity. The growth of the Saudi Arabian oil industry into the largest in the world brought about the rapid development of the region. As oil production increased, so did the number of people required to run the industry.

The growing population needed more housing and services. First-rate hospitals and schools provided further incentives for people considering a move to the area. Service industries sprouted up to support the oil industry and meet the needs of people living in the Dammam Area. As a result, a region which had several hundred inhabitants some sixty years ago now boasts a population of well over 1. The key to the success of the Dammam Area is that unlike oil towns in other parts of the world, it has developed in all spheres.Being a successful seller on souq.

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souq dammam address

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souq dammam address

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Bite into that crunchy Chickenjoysavor that Jolly Spaghettiand enjoy a steaming plate of Palabok a. Inthe first Jollibee branch was opened at Jeddah International Market. Over the past decade, more and more branches have been established in the Kingdom. Aside from the popular fast-food chain, the company has also opened Chowking branches in the Kingdom. Planning to indulge in your favorite Jollibee meal? Here is a list of Jollibee branches in the Kingdom, along with their addresses and telephone numbers.

Your favorite Jollibee meals! During your free time, why not explore the country as well? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Enter your email address for job updates!

List of Jollibee Branches in Saudi Arabia. Share this:. Tags advisory beach coronavirus covid domestic worker dos and donts drive driving license employment fine holiday jeddah job job opportunities jobs jobs in Saudi Arabia King Salman labor law list of holidays marriage OFWs Philippine embassy philippine passport places places to visit in Saudi Arabia public transportation Ramadan riyadh saudi arabia Saudi Arabia jobs saudi arabia visa Saudi Labor law tips tourist tourist spots tourist visa transportation travel vacation virus visa women worker working in saudi arabia.This website is founded in the year by its founder Ronaldo Mouchawar in Dubai.

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Customer service contact details of Souq. You can use telephonic support for any type of help, query or any other issue related to the site or product ordering.

Qaisariah Souq • Al-Hofuf, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

No charges will be applied on calling on this number. Email id is also provided above; you can email your query to the concerned department by using this email address. To order products from Souq, visit the official website of Souq by following this link. Here you can browse all the available products and order them to your doorsteps. Subscribe Souq on social networking websites through these links to get latest offers and deals running on their website.

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Because this mobile is reburshied. And I want new one. My order no Please cancel my order as soon as possible.Zip Code is a postal code consisting of five digits. You need to mention the exact postal code or Zipcode of the area where you want to send the shipment. If you don't write the correct postal address, the Saudi post will deliver the shipment at the wrong station. Make sure you are registered with the National Address System of Saudi Arabia to receive any shipment at your address.

The postal code of King Fahd District where the Kingdom Center and other main attractions of Riyadh are located is Writing the Zip Code of the city center would not be a great idea if you want to send a letter to a different district. Therefore, we have listed down the postal codes of all 45 districts of Riyadh below. Just like in Riyadh, if you ask anyone about the Jeddah zip code, a greater chance is that he would be ignorant about it.

However, it would not be a good idea to write the postal code of the city center of Jeddah when you are actually dispatching a parcel to the north of the city.

Therefore, we have given the zip codes of all major districts of Jeddah below. The center of attraction of Makkah is the Masjid al-Haram and the zip code of the area where it is located is If you want to send a parcel to Mecca, make sure you use the correct zip code of the district where your targeted place is located. W e have given the postal codes of all major districts of Mecca below. The postal code of Al Hussam district, the most important area of Dammam where the offices of Saudi Aramco, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce are found is If the purpose of looking for Dammam zip code is to dispatch a letter to an address, you should look for the zip code of the district.

We have given below the postal codes of all major important areas and districts of Dammam. Jubail is the largest industrial city in the world with an area of 1, square kilometers, divided into postal codes and 49 districts. It is important to point out that Jubail and Khobar are two different cities with separate zip codes. The most important area of Jubail is the place where the Saudi Aramco refinery is located with the postal code of In case you want to send a shipment to the Jubail industrial city, you should use the exact zip code of the address.

We have listed down postal codes of 49 most important areas and districts of Jubail below. The two cities are at a distance of around Km. We have given the list of zip codes of all the important areas and districts of Khobar which you should use while dispatching a shipment. Yanbu is an industrial city situated in the province of Madinah. In order to send your shipment to another district of Yanbu, follow the zip codes of 38 areas given below. ZIP code or postal code in Saudi Arabia is a 5 numbers digit and each digit represent a particular area.

Sign in. Log into your account. About Us. Password recovery. Forgot your password?We are providing details below of how you can reach us to submit complaints, reviews and questions. Additionally you can find links to help pages, FAQs, social media accounts and links to download the Souq Saudi Arabia app.

In addition to special payment plans from banks, free shipping and the option of same day delivery The main offices for Souq Saudi Arabia are located in Dubai Internet City, you can get a hold of their customer support at any time for any complaints or questions.

Otherwise you can click here to send a message or open a ticket with your query or problem and their dedicated team will be responding within 24hrs. Press below to download the application:. Returns Policy: Read the terms and conditions for the returns and exchanges policy through this link.

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souq dammam address

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souq dammam address

Now open Opening Soon. Opening Soon. Ramadan Kareem.

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