The previous article showed him as the scribe, writer and record keeper knowledge, wisdom in the underworld Hall of Judgment, the Hall of Maat, Morality, Truth, Justice and Order. He is often depicted with a green head. Osiris, the lord of the underworld, was also depicted as green or black. These colors were chosen to represent the generative principle of creative potentialjust as Heka magic was symbolic of, and to create order from chaos. The underworld was a transitional location for the symbolic Hero Monomyth journey to renew, regenerate and resurrect ourselves in greater alignment with the principle of maat, order, truth, authenticity, justice, etc.

See the previous posts 1234 for more information. Rejection of principles of Truth and Morality results in a decay of living up to those principles of order, and result in an increase of chaos. The connecting concepts of wholeness, harmony, balance and order are shared among many cultures which is what Logos represents.

Truth, Moral Truth, is what creates order and determines the overall quality and condition of our lives. The Logos of creative power symbolism applies in many ways, one is of truth and the purpose of proper meaningful speech. Truth is central in many ancient symbolic mythologies, as is maat, the symbol of truth, order and justice, just as Logos is a central concept and symbolic of this ordering principle. Do you know what the word hieroglyphs was in Ancient Egypt?

First came reality. Second came knowledge of reality. Third is language about reality, through symbol or word. They write some symbols and sigils, then create spell, charms and enchantments to manipulate reality with the power of those symbols. To know the name of something was to be master over it, by having a name or definition to control what it meant is in a way to control what that thing is,a s far as definition and referencing it through language.

I will write another post to elaborate on the topic of definition and master of a name. That is what symbols, words and language are for, an image that represents reality. Symbolism in mythology is encoding this. Logos, the Word.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

The importance of symbols in conceptual thought constructs is ever present in a religious priestly context and the development of civilization through religious influence. These priests are the magicians and sorcerers of the science of imagery, of symbols, and their power to influence and manipulate the consciousness of others.

Imagery, symbolism, in the hands of rhetoricians and sophists, such as priests, gurus or politicians, is a powerful tool to invoke, inject, inculcate, summon and cast spell on the minds of men.

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Humans can invent any concept, any invention of fantasy and project it externally into some imagined aspect of reality, true or false, and represent it as a symbol or word in language. But that will have to be delved into another time, on another post. Most of the ancient mythologies are conveying symbolic, metaphorical, analogous and parabolic allegories, narrative and stories. The art of inventing symbols, and communicating them, is something we can all learn and understand. This is the purpose of the Trivium Methodology — learning how to learn and how to think more effectively.

We are the potential Great Magicians. Learn to discern or be fooled.

thoth colors

This is so great, came to me right at the time in my life that I needed it! Kris Nelson. Have something to say? Please let me know.Thoth's other names include:. Lord of the Khemenu. Thoth was the god who overcame the curse of Ra, allowing Nut to give birth to her five children, with his skill at games. It was he who helped Isis work the ritual to bring Osiris back from the dead, and who drove the magical poison of Set from her son, Horus with the power of his magic.

He was Horus' supporter during the young god's deadly battle with his uncle Set, helping Horus with his wisdom and magic. It was Thoth who brought Tefnut, who left Egypt for Nubia in a sulk after an argument with her father, back to heaven to be reunited with Ra. Tefnut, the Eye of Ra, became estranged from her father and fled into Nubia, taking all of her precious water with her. In this land, she transformed herself into a lioness. She raged through the countryside, emitting flames from her eyes and nostrils.

Viciously, she drank the blood and fed on the flesh of both animals and humans. As time went on, Ra missed his Eye, and longed to see her again - Egypt had dried, and the land was in chaos. He summoned Shu to him, along with Thoth, who was the messenger of the gods and famous for his eloquence.

Ra issued the command that Shu and Thoth must go to Nubia and bring back his recalcitrant daughter. Before they set off on their journey Shu and Thoth disguised themselves as baboons.

The baboon is an animal sacred to Thoth. Eventually, Thoth and Shu found Tefnut in Begum. Thoth began at once to try and persuade her to return to Egypt. Tefnut, however, wasn't interested. She liked hunting in the desert and was perfectly happy where she was. Thoth would not give up though, and wove stories to depict to her how gloom had descended upon Egypt since she had left.

The people of Egypt would do anything for her if she'd just return home. Ultimately, wooed by Thoth's promises, Tefnut relented and returned to Egypt accompanied by the two baboons.Another of the most important Egyptian gods, Ra represented the creative force of the sun.

Many myths credit Ra to be the first of the gods, creating the world from a watery chaos. As the sun god, Ra is commonly depicted as a hawk-headed man with the solar disc on his head. He is also commonly pictured riding a boat. Ra will sail his boat into the underworld in the evening.

Every night, Ra has to overcome many challenges, the most difficult of which is the great serpent Apep.

thoth colors

If he succeeds, he is able to sail out of the underworld into the land of the living in the morning. Ra had a very influential cult, and many pharaohs worshipped him and even included his name in their own. Later on, he was combined with the creator god Amun to form Amun-Ra, the almighty creator and sun god.

Sekhmet was a powerful and destructive force, and was thus portrayed as a woman with the head of a lioness. She is also associated with red, the color of blood. According to creation myths, during Ra 's reign as pharaoh, the people started to become independent and disloyal. In retribution, Ra created Sekhmet to attack the people to teach them a lesson. However, Sekhmet was too successful in her task. Everyday, the fields ran red with the blood of her victims.

Feeling remorse for creating this force of destruction, Ra tried to stop Sekhmet, but she continued killing. In the end, Ra stopped Sekhmet's rampage by disguising beer as blood and getting her drunk. Being intoxicated, Sekhmet was unable to perform her task, and the people were safe once more.

The Egyptian god Set is most commonly portrayed as a man with a demonic head, resembling that of an aardvark. Certain Pharaohs even incorporated Set's name into their own names.Thoth Tarot Colour Symbolism and Traditional Colour Theory : Colour makes up for a large part of the overall energy and feel of a Tarot Card and so this section of work looks at the symbology of colour in Tarot and how this relates to a cards overall meaning.

We have started with the primary colours Red, Blue and Yellow as all other colours are derived from them as can be shown in the images below.

A colour produced by an equal mixture of a primary color with a secondary color adjacent to it on the color wheel. So does this bear out with the 4 suits of the Thoth Tarot?

Temper, Leadership,Passion for Life. An intellectual approach or intellectual balance, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Mental. Sun, masculine, of the mind. Its association with intellect is to do with the Sun being thought of as masculine and this is represented by figures such as the Egyptian Sun God Amen Ra seen below where as Goddesses were associated with the Moon and femininity. Vau is both the brother and the consort to the He Final and so its an ambiguous relationship.

The fact that brown is a tertiary colour and far removed from the primary colour ties in with this distant relationship between Malkuth and the rest of the sephira of the Tree of Life.

Next we will look at the relationship of colour to the cards astrological attributes. The Spiritual Hierarchy. Meditation Group.

Ancient Egyptian Music - Thoth

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Thoth Djehuty, Tahuti, Tehuti. One legend is that Thoth in his form as an Ibis, laid an egg from which Ra, the Sun was born.

Thoth is also associated with the Moon because the beak of an Ibis resembles the crescent Moon. Thoth is described as an ibis- headed human, an ibis or a baboon. He carries a pen and a scroll to record all things.

Anyone who reads it would become the most powerful magician in the world, but would also be cursed by the knowledge. Some theories have it that the book is hidden somewhere inside the Great Pyramid, and that Thoth and the other Egyptian Gods were from Atlantis. With the help of Anubis, he used his magickal knowledge, to help Isis resurrect Osiris by creating the very first mummification ritual. As master of time, Thoth is credited with creating the day calendar which replaced the inaccurate day calendar.

He earned the extra days by gambling with the Moon.

The God: Thoth

He measures and records time and is called "the Reckoner of Time and of Seasons". To create an Altar to Thoth use lunar shaped candles and charms and decorate it with images of ibises and baboons. Search index sitemap advanced search engine by freefind. Create a Free Website at Jigsy. Report Abuse.Cards such as the fool, death, the sun, and justice, may have been derived from Venetian carnivale characters. Ina tarocchi-derived fortune-telling deck emerged, with 22 major and 56 minor arcana cards divided into coins, cups, swords, and wands suits representing the four elements — earth, water, fire, and air.

Twenty-two trump cards correspond to the 22 paths on the kabbalistic tree of life. The cards, their suits, and major arcana were also linked to gypsies, a disparaging name for the Romani people, who many believed were from Egypt since disproven. Secret societies orders appeared, including The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an esoteric occult society. The Golden Dawn emerged in England and spread throughout Europe, with Crowley as a member of the London temple in — he fell out with the Golden Dawn inbut was inspired to direct an esoteric order of his own.

Interest in the symbols with their layered meanings in the classic tarot was not exclusive to the Golden Dawn — the Waite-Smith deck, created by Golden Dawn member A. Games Systems. Inafter leaving the Golden Dawn, Crowley travelled to Egypt.

She volunteered to produce all the art for the major and minor arcanas, saying she was directed to do so by her holy guardian angel. The Thoth Tarot deck would not be commercially published until In his book he has published comparative charts illustrating complex relationships between the two systems, specifically those of the 22 trump cards, or major arcana. The fool is one of the most complex symbols in Western esoterica, from mythology to standard playing cards, and Crowley held his own views on this symbol.

The fool archetype can appear as the madman, the beggar, and the vagabond. He is first cousin to the archetypal Trickster — in fact, he often fills that role. He disrupts anything safe or politically correct, exposing convention as hypocritical and counterfeit. The fool is the clown and the court jester. The Rider Waite fool is gazing into the sky above, about to step off a cliff — a little dog tries to warn him.

The tarot fool is traditionally interpreted an indication of new beginnings, spontaneous action, leaps of faith, and innocence or naivete. When the card appears reversed, it indicates bad decisions or choices. A butterfly references transformation.Thothalso known as Djehuti, is the Egyptian god of writing.

He is the eldest of Ra's sons and the loyal scribe of Ma'at. His animal is the baboon. During his battle with Set, Horus had one of his eyes torn out; Thoth replaced it with moonlight, creating the Eye of Horus. He also had to heal Isis when Horus inadvertently cut off her head when she attempted to stop him from fighting Set while weakened. When Horus, the last pharaoh, chose to leave the mortal world, he made Thoth his successor and he ruled peacefully for over 3, years.

In the myth, Nut goes to him for advice after Ra forbids her from giving birth on any day of the year. He comes up with the idea of gambling with Khonsu and helps Nut create five new days with moonlight. However, in the original myth, it was Thoth himself who did the gamblingand Thoth bet his secret knowledge, which Khonsu desired out of jealousy.

After winning, he became a moon god there were multiple. Thoth is also credited by the Ancient Egyptians for revealing hieroglyphics, medicine, and astronomy as part of his association as a moon god.

Thoth Tarot Colour Symbolism and Traditional Colour Theory

He was also known for being persuasive, as seen in the books when he convinces the House of Life to abandon the Path of the Gods. Thoth also generally played a large role in mythology, and was believed to have been the one to civilize human kind.

At one point, he was even considered one of the creators of the world. Seshat was sometimes said to be either his daughter or wife, and Ma'at was also said to be his wife at times.

thoth colors

Thoth helps Sadie and Carter defeat Set by telling them the contents of his bookwhich contains the spell that can send Set deep into the Duat. He also tells the siblings that there are two ingredients needed for the spell; the Feather of Truth and Set's Secret Name. Thoth, however, gives them a test in exchange for the information, using shabti to record their battles and leaving them a picture of Bast and Apophis to give them a clue about who Bast really is and what their mother died for.

He, however, refuses to explain the picture as it is not on their deal. Thoth is later seen in the Hall of Gods, his image flickering between his human form and a grassy green sphere. Thoth is seen when Carter and Sadie return Ra to the throne, and unlike everyone else, chooses to dress casually. After learning about sheuts from Anubis and how they could be used to destroy Apophis, Carter and Walt Stone travel to meet Thoth to try to learn the needed spell from him.

Thoth is found by them on top of his new pyramid, throwing hieroglyphic grenades at demons attacking his pyramid every six hours. Carter and Walt arrive and help him fight off the demons. When Apophis possesses a winged version of Face of Horror and taunts Carter, Thoth saves him and kills the demon.

Evolve Consciousness

He then makes Carter sleep for a while and discusses Walt and Anubis' plan with Walt, but refuses to tell Carter what they were talking about though he pushes Walt to do so. Thoth reveals that Apophis has trapped him in the pyramid and he can't escape through the Duat and that he believes that Apophis is doing the attacks to distract him from helping them.

Thoth confirms what they learned from Anubis about shadows and that what he calls a shadow execration can be used to destroy Apophis. However, Thoth is unwilling to help them learn the needed spell and find Apophis' sheut as its forbidden knowledge among mortals and he could get into serious trouble for telling them, more than he already has for what he's done for humanity.

When Carter points out the only other choice is to let Apophis destroy the world, Thoth admits that that's why he's even still talking to them about it. While he won't tell them himself, he directs them to The Book of Thotha field guide of sorts he wrote in his youth that contains a lot of information about the gods including the location of their sheuts.

The location of Apophis' sheut is in that book. He informs them how an evil magician named Setne stole the book and used it to create a shadow execration before he died. Thoth doesn't know where the book is as Setne hid it well even from him and he tells them that while he couldn't endorse giving mortals knowledge of how to destroy a god, even Apophis, hypothetically Setne could give them what they needed if they could convince him to help.

Thoth then informs them that there is a deadline as Setne will have a trial before Osiris at sunset and will likely be obliterated for all of his crimes. Thoth sends them off before sunrise and the next attack but warns Walt that he likely won't survive long enough to do this and that what he has planned is dangerous and has never been done before.

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